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Anna-Marie originally studied Fine Art Painting at Liverpool College of Art, however, when the opportunity to work in a pottery studio arose, she began to explore her love of surface decoration and textured pattern on clay tiles. Ultimately, this led to adapting her ideas to hand-built ceramic vessels.

Initially setting up her studio in Liverpool with a partner, producing mainly domestic-ware, Anna-Marie has since moved to York, continuing the development of her practice. She has exhibited and sold her work through various shows and galleries across the UK.


Anna-Marie hand-builds her pots using stoneware slabs and layers of coloured slips. The flattened surfaces of the vessels provide a canvas on which to work. Designs are created through the use of wax resist, revealing shapes and pattern with fine detail achieved by employing sgraffito. She uses a limited palette of colours, taking inspiration from mid-20th century art and design.

Anna-Marie works from her home studio in York

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